G&B Wheel Alignment Services

At G&B Accident Repair Centre we only use the best in technology when it comes to Four Wheel Computerised Wheel Alignment

With our Super Tracker St-400 alignment procedure this will enhance the life span of your tyres with our four-wheel computerised alignment.

The term Wheel Alignment is the general description given to the service required to check and correct the many mechanical devices which go together to form the vehicles Steering and Suspension System.

Here are some of the dangers and symptoms to be aware of with poorly aligned wheels:

  • Wheels that are not aligned will compromise your safety and the ability to steer the vehicle.
  • Out-of-alignment of a car will result in the vehicle continuously drifting or pulling to one side of the road when you let go of the wheel.
  • If the wheels aren’t going in a straight line it means the tyres will be dragging sideways to some extent – Pulling or drifting away from a straight line.
  • This is not only annoying, but the tyre that is out of alignment will also wear prematurely and unevenly because of the constant drag placed on its tread.
  • As the tread wears away the ability for the tyre to grip wears away with equal rapidity.
  • The drag can also impact on fuel consumption.
  • Braking, handling, the ability to react to steering input or any form of evasive action becomes compromised.
  • This is especially important when the driver must respond swiftly and change course in an emergency.


A computerised wheel alignment will correct any unbalance in your car’s tracking and correct the calibration back to the manufacturers settings.

A computerised wheel alignment can give a more accurate alignment than a laser-based machine, so the car’s tracking can be adjusted to an exact setting.

When you bring your car to G&B Accident Repair Centre for a computerised wheel alignment we will show you your car’s current alignment and tell you how far out your tracking is from factory specifications. You can even sit back in our waiting room and watch the adjustments as they are being made on screen.


Advantages of a computerised alignment

Correct wheel alignment is great for your car’s performance, but more accurate computerised alignments have even greater advantages:

  • Wheel tracking can be adjusted to more accuracy than laser alignment.
  • Adjusts alignment to manufacturer’s spec to ensure the best economy and performance from your tyres.
  • Print-outs of your alignment change.
  • Records readings each time your wheels are aligned so we can keep a log of your tyre performance.
  • Adjusting your front wheels is important to the overall ride and performance of your car- heavily misaligned wheels will also have a noticeable effect on your vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Wheel Alignment

While rear wheel misalignment may not have as noticeable an effect on your car, but it may still have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption and tyre wear. By aligning all four wheels on your car you can get the best possible performance and fuel economy- with our computerised alignment technology bringing your alignment back to that factory-fresh angle of adjustment.

Alignment problems are very common following an accident, even if no visible body damage occurred. If you’ve been involved in any sort of accident and require a wheel alignment in Glasgow visit G&B Accident Repair Centre to have the problem resolved.